Account Clerk

Akun clerks merekam dan mengumpulkan ringkasan dari transaksi keuangan dari bisnis atau organisasi lainnya untuk tujuan pengelolaan.

Accounts clerks may perform the following tasks:

  • receive and record invoices and arrange payment
  • prepare and send invoices to debtors
  • check and process loan applications
  • calculate and distribute wages and salaries
  • prepare regular reports and summaries of accounting activities
  • prepare financial statements and debtors’ listings
  • check customers’ credit ratings
  • verify recorded transactions and report irregularities to management
  • prepare reconciliations of accounts.



A bookkeeper maintains and reconciles records of financial transactions (such as sales, wages and petty cash) and prepares regular statements showing receipts, payments and balances of accounts.

Collection Officer

A collection officer keeps records of people who are behind in payments, prepares reports of loans and accounts that have amounts owing and forwards on reports for legal action.

Costing Clerk

A costing clerk calculates and investigates wages, materials, overheads and other operating costs.

Payroll Clerk

A payroll clerk calculates, prepares and distributes wages, taking into account overtime and deductions such as tax, Medicare levy, health insurance payments and superannuation.

Accounts clerks’ work is supervised by accountants and their client contact is usually by telephone.

In larger organisations, accounts clerks’ duties are divided among a number of different positions.


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