Programmer (Information Technology)

Pemrogram menulis, menguji dan menjaga program-program komputer untuk memastikan bahwa komputer aplikasi memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna sistem komputer.

Programmers may perform the following tasks:

* assist systems analysts and/or designers in researching and documenting computer users’ requirements
* analyse objectives and problems specified by analysts and/or designers
* translate the solutions provided by systems designers into detailed program specifications
* prepare documentation for other programmers, users of the system and other support services workers
* undertake program design activities including definition of data and error message arrangements
* supervise and report on the work of junior programmers
* modify and document program code to correct errors or to enhance a program’s capabilities
* test the programs and make amendments
* prepare reports on the status, operation and maintenance of system software for use by computer equipment suppliers, systems designers, other programmers and computer operators.

Specialisations :

Analyst Programmer

An analyst programmer involved in higher-level design and analysis. This is the typical next step in the career of a programmer.

Communications Programmer (Systems)

A communications programmer involved in activities associated with programming telecommunications infrastructures, for example stored program-controlled telephone exchanges. Communications programming (systems) has also been used to describe the work of network programmers. See the section below on network programmers.

Database Programmer (Systems)

A database programmer involved in the development of programs to suit access and maintenance of databases. It is often considered to be part of the database design role. See the section on database design specialists under the separate entry for Systems Designer (Information Technology).

Information Technology Manager

An information technology manager plans, administers and reviews the acquisition, development, maintenance and use of computer and telecommunications systems within organisations. The IT manager is often the most senior person in the IT department and in large organisations may be called the IT Director or Chief Information Officer.

Multimedia Programmer

A multimedia programmer examines systems and applications programming issues involving the conversion between platforms and the initial writing of code for incorporation of text, graphics, video, animation, digital/analogue photographs, audio and 2/3D modelling. Further specialisations are also possible, such as video systems development programming and PC-lead programming.

Network Programmer

A network programmer works with vendor networking languages to support the implementation or modification of network configurations. Ongoing education in vendor products and technical matters is important.

Systems Software Programmer

A systems software programmer works with the code used to define the particular operating system and sometimes also with low-level machine language. They write, maintain and update programs that control the overall functioning of computers.

Personal Requirements :

* good at technical activities
* logical approach to the solution of problems
* able to work independently or as part of a team
* good communication skills
* willing to continue to learn as technology changes.


Downloadnya… 😉 Ok

1.      Arabic Rawtar Programmer’s Book.Rar (2,064 KB)

2.      Motorola PST 7.2.3 Phone Programmer %2B PST UNI (12,919 KB)

3.      Excel 2007 VBA Programmers Reference.rar (5,843 KB)

4.      Pic Microcontroller Programmer Schematic & (18,826 KB)

5.      Wrox VBScript Programmers Reference.3rd.Edition.Oct.2007.p (12,626 KB)

6.      Wrox.Visual.Basic.2008.Programmers.Reference.Feb.2008.pdf (16,067 KB)

7.      UML For Java Programmers.ppt (5,550 KB)

8.      Professional Ajax 2nd Edition Programmer To Programmer.Pdf (6,294 KB)

9.      Programmer En Langage C++(C Delannoy).rar (2,829 KB)

10.  SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6.pdf (3,043 KB)

11.  Smart Card Reader and Programmer.rar (520 KB

12.  UNIX Programmer’s Manual.rar (1,104 KB)

13.  Motorola PST 7.2.3 Phone Programmer + PST UNI (12,919 KB)

14.  Wrox Excel 2007 VBA Programmers Reference Mar2007.pdf (6,949 KB)

15.  Portable PIC Programmer.rar (1,166 KB)

16.  ASP.NET AJAX Programmer’s Reference with ASP.NET 2.0 or ASP.NET 3.5.rar (10,822 KB)

17.  Wrox C Sharp 2005 Programmers Reference Nov2006.pdf (4,315 KB)

18.  Visual Basic 2008 Programmer’s_Reference.rar (8,955 KB)

19.  Apress[1].AutoCAD.2006.VBA.A.Programmers.Reference.Sep.2 (1,154 KB)

20.  Beginning Redhat Linux 9 Programmer To Programmer.Pdf (9,297 KB)

21.  Actualtests Sun Certified Programmer For The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 V04.24.Pdf (4,035 KB)

22.  Pro T SQL2008 Programmers Guide Experts Voice in SQL Server.pdf (10,421 KB)

23.  Access 2007 VBA Programmer.pdf (15,354 KB)

24.  Wrox Visual Basic 2005 Programmers Reference.pdf (21,452 KB)

25.  Seven Habits of Highly Successful LabVIEW Programmers.ppt (268 KB)

26.  Tcp Ip Sockets In C Practical Guide For Programmers.Pdf (1,703 KB)

27.  PIC – USB Programmer.pdf (225 KB)

28.  MMC Programmer i-ztnawhcs.rar (233 KB)

29.  SQL Database Programmers Handbook.pdf (1,604 KB)

30.  UNIX Programmer’s Manual.pdf (1,238 KB)

31.  VTC Java_2Certified_Programmer.part01.rar (19,531 KB)

32.  Programming_Ruby_The_Pragmatic_Programmer_Guide.pdf (7,316 KB)

33.  ProgrammersGuid.pdf (737 KB)

34.  Professional Php5 Programmer To Programmer.Chm (5,395 KB)

35.  Java – Practical Guide for Programmers.pdf (2,308 KB )

36.  Khalid Mughal A Programmers Guide To Java Certification.Chm (1,846 KB)

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